All of the programs offered by Minnesota YMCA Youth in Government

Youth in Government programs develop and promote:

  • An understanding of local, state, national, and international concerns
  • Research, study, and debate on public issues
  • Exploration of careers in public service
  • Interaction with adult and youth leaders involved in decision-making processes
  • Appreciation for the diversity of viewpoints on public issues and a concurrent respect for ideas, beliefs and the positions of others

Model Assembly

Students learn about government and leadership, as well as about themselves—their abilities, interests and responsibilities as citizens of a participatory democracy.

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Model United Nations

A working replica of the UN, conducted by students who "adopt" a nation and research its history, economy, culture and system of government.

Youth Conference on National Affairs

"National Youth in Government" where Minnesota students meet with 600 of their counterparts from around the nation to debate national and international issues.

National Judicial Competition

Teams of students from around the country gather to hone their argument skills and see who can present, and win, their case best. 

Retreats and Trainings

Staff and volunteers conduct retreats and training sessions throughout the year for participants from all programs to focus on building skills, attitudes and competencies for leadership and service.