The Y partners with organizations around the Twin Cities to offer corporate wellness programs.

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Employees: Learn about corporate wellness

Today, many people spend more hours at work than anywhere else, and that can make it hard to keep up healthy habits. That’s why many companies offer corporate wellness programs to benefit employees.

If your company has a YMCA corporate wellness program, you’ll receive a variety of services designed to help you to be happier, healthier and stronger. Talk with your human resources team to find out whether your company participates.

Discover the benefits of participating in your company’s corporate wellness program.

Employers: Find out how corporate wellness makes a difference

A corporate wellness program is an investment in your company’s most valuable resource—your employees. A wellness program is an enticing incentive for current and prospective employees, and it has significant benefits for your organization, too.

At the YMCA, we make it easy for companies to get started.

  • A company size of at least 20 employees is required to participate
  • A onetime signup fee of $200 is required to participate
  • There are no additional fees for participation

Get details on a corporate wellness program for your workplace.