Adding or removing members

Dual membership includes two people in the same household--an adult and a child, or two adults. Family membership includes up to two adults and all dependents (age 26 and under) in the same household. To add people to your membership, everyone must be part of the same household. Visit Member Services to add or remove members from your membership.


You can pay for your membership with a credit/debit card, or via electronic fund transfer (EFT) from a checking account. You're automatically signed up for the next eligible draw date—either the 1st or 15th of the month. You can choose which of these dates you prefer for your monthly payment. Visit Member Services to change payment method or date.

Needs-based financial assistance for those who wish to participate in Y programs and services—from memberships to summer programs for kids—is made possible in part by generous donors and partners.

To apply

  1. Print and complete the application form
  2. Make a copy of your state-issued photo ID and your most recent Federal Tax Return, or Statement of Government Benefit Payments
  3. Bring the documents to Member Services

How it works

We’ll consider your annual income, the number of adults and dependents in your household, and then determine assistance to align with your individual situation. Our goal is to help everyone who qualifies for assistance. If your family gets assistance through the county or other agency, please let us know.

Health insurance reimbursement programs

If your health insurance provider participates in a reimbursement program, you can enjoy double-digit reimbursement on your monthly dues. Stop by Member Services for a complete list of participating insurance providers, and to get this set up.

The reimbursement is applied directly to membership dues on monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) accounts. The reimbursement is dispersed as a check on annual memberships on a monthly basis. The reimbursement cannot exceed the total amount debit for membership for the month the debit is applied. There is a period of time between the completed month’s visits and the applied reimbursement.  Example:  If you work out 12 times in January, your visits are verified in February and the reimbursement is applied in March.

The number of required visits to the Y for reimbursement varies by insurance provider. Eligible visits are counted for attendance at Minnesota and Hudson, WI YMCA locations. Only one visit per day qualifies towards the total monthly visit count. Cancelling YMCA membership forfeits any unapplied reimbursements.


Your membership entitles you to discounts on several YMCA programs—visit Member Services for specific discounts on programs like: