The YMCA of the North Water Safety program serves our community through partnerships with local organizations. If you are interested in the YMCA Water Safety program for your group please email Meagan Matrejek.

“Thank you to Abbey’s Hope foundation and Hawkin’s for teaching the 6th graders at JA Johnson how to be safe in the water. Abbey’s hope is coming true! Thank you!"
– Ashley, 6th grade

“Dear YMCA, Thank you for the swim instruction. I’ve learned a lot and it helps me to learn how to swim. I never knew how to swim, but I know how to swim now because of the sessions. So thank you so much.”
– Mia

"These kids learned a lot in a short period of time including how to pull themselves out of a pool, front and back floats and a few basic swimming strokes including how to tread water. We're now seeing kids who couldn't swim half the length of the pool swim 20 laps."
–Paulina Elba, Aquatic Director at North Community YMCA
Talking about Hmong College Prep Academy Swim-A-Thon
Sponsored by Abbey's Hope & North Community YMCA

"It is important to give back to the community and teach others so they know how to swim. I feel confident now that I can now teach my 6 family members how to swim."
– Nancy Cha

"I learned a lot from this program including how to tread water. To be honest, I didn't think I could do it. I just knew amateur swimming and didn't know there were actual strokes. Learning to swim is an important issue because most Hmong kids don't know how."
– Cuajtug Ayan