Cornonavirus Updates

In the interest of safety of our young people and communities, the Model United Nations conference will not be held as scheduled on March 26–28, 2020.

Our commitment to providing learning opportunities for young people continues. Our team is working with our partners to determine an educational program for a later date. By March 31, we will share those plans.


Download YIG Model United Nations Registration Materials and submit them to your Delegation Director.

The YIG staff are happy to help guide you through the process if you have questions on how to register. Model UN registration is done by delegation, with several groups within a delegation being possible. 

Please note: You are not eligible for country selection until all members of your country group have completed Steps 1-3 as outlined below. 

Are you new to Model United Nations? Do you have questions? Get in touch with the nearest Model UN Delegation Director or contact the YIG State Office 

Also, please have the Registration Guide open and available during this stage. 

I am a...


All forms must be submitted to your Delegation Director 

Step 1 – Online Registration (Not currently available)

Important Notes for Online Registration:

    • You will need a credit card for down payment (deposit charged immediately; first payment charged automatically February 18; second and final payment charged automatically on March 18)
    • You will need Healthcare information
    • It is advised that you print off the confirmation page to show your delegation director
    • If you are unable to provide any of the above information, please contact your delegation director for further registration possibilities.

Step 2 – View Member States

Country availability is updated in real-time on the links below. 

2020 Member States for Mondale GA (Grades 9-12)
2020 Member States for Anderson GA (Grades 7-8)

Step 3 – Make Program Choices (Submit to Delegation Director)

UND-1 – Fillable PDF (Grades 9-12; whole country groups only)
UND-2 – Fillable PDF (Grades 7-8)
UND-3 – Fillable PDF (Grades 9-12; Media or Conference Resource Center)


Financial Assistance

Delegates who wish to apply for a scholarship must submit the Scholarship Application and all requested materials to be eligible for an award. If the delegate received financial assistance for Model Assembly 2020 and there has been no change to their situation, they should simply notify their Delegation Director. The State Office is able to use that documentation to make the Model UN financial award.


Model United Nations Advisor Registration (Not currently available)

This is the form used to register all adult advisors. It contains biographical information in addition to release forms and the Code of Conduct for Adult Participants. Adult registration forms must be submitted to the State Office by the registration deadline.

Please Note: All adults and college students must complete a mandatory background check.


Model United Nations Secretariat Registration (Not currently available)

This is the form we use to collect your information and your commitment to volunteer as a volunteer college student Secretariat. This does represent a commitment to being fully present at the conference from Thursday until Saturday and perform all duties as assigned. 

Please Note: All adults and college students must complete a mandatory background check.