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United Nations Information

United Nations Website
The official homepage of the UN

UN Cyber School Bus
A site by the UN for students involved in Model UN programs

Country Information

UN Member States
Ways to contact a UN member nation. This site has email addresses and web pages for embassies and missions to the UN

Flags of Countries
A look at international flags and quick reference to country facts

Research and Participation Information

United Nations Foundation (formerly UNWire)
Organization instituted through Ted Turner's donation to increase the status of the UN in the US. Link to research on topical information on UN initiatives and related global issues.

Yale Library Government Documents Collection
Links to documents and websites related to the United Nations and UN programs.

Best Delegate Research Resources
Hundreds of up-to-date links about UN Committees, Countries, Topics, News Sources, and Think Tanks.

Various indicators and data points, graphically displayed with timeline animations.


Organization dedicated to interpreting the United Nations in the USA. Link to research on policy issues and the activities of the UN

The UNA-MN mission is to increase understanding of and support for the United Nations and its agencies and to create educational programs that enable learning about the U.N., the principles in its charter and the urgent need for international cooperation in order to solve global problems.

Human Rights Watch
An organization dedicated to protecting the rights of people all over the world. Human Rights Watch also investigates and exposes human rights violations to public scrutiny.

World Trade Organization
An international organization which deals with rules of trade between nations of the world.