The Youth in Government program is conducted almost entirely by students. Participants have opportunities to serve in a number of different program areas. The opportunities for discovery and growth are virtually limitless.


What Do I Do?

Join us for an experience like no other as Minnesota’s largest hands-on civic education event goes virtual! Not your average school day, this year’s online conference will be filled with engaging youth-led sessions where students in grades 8-12 can experience government functions firsthand. 

You will be able to participate in an incredibly realistic and complex simulation of Minnesota state government. Approximately 1,600 students in grades 8-12 take part in the Youth in Government conference every January. You get the opportunity to serve as legislators, judges, attorneys, lobbyists, and cabinet members, media representatives, or introductory Leadership Corps. members.

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  • Focus on state and local issues
  • Meet YIG participants from across the state
  • Choose from many program area options
  • Gain leadership positions in this entirely student-led state government 

Conference Date

January 7 – January 10, 2021


October – December


Students grades 8-12 from around Minnesota


Virtual for 2021


The cost will vary depending on your involvement level. Please check in with your Delegation Director if you have any questions on pricing. 

*Discounts applied for early registration (prior to October 3) and limited financial assistance available to those who qualify

2021 Governor Anne Guidera

2021 Lt. Governor Dane Germany

2021 Secretary of State Jack Teske

2021 Speaker of Sanford House Jude Houle

2021 President of Knutson Senate Alainn Hanson

2021 President of Stassen Senate Katie Taffe

2021 Speaker of Humphrey House Bianca Froebe

2021 President of Ramsey Senate Adi Vibhakar

2021 Speaker of Sibley House Elly Hovde

2021 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Sofia Kemeny

2021 Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals Nate Thorp

2021 Chief Judge of the District Court Reagan Bain

2021 Chief Judge of the Trial Court Paige Mier

2021 Lobbyist Director Prina Doshi

2021 National Issues Forum Presiding Officer Kalid Ali

2021 Media Director Serenna Snider