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Three-session billing minimum

A permanent School Age Care schedule is required when you register. Programs require a minimum schedule of three sessions—including before- and/or after-school care. If your child is scheduled to attend fewer than three sessions in a week, you are responsible for paying the three-session billing minimum. (note: if your program location only offers before care or only offers after care, your weekly minimum is two sessions).

If you choose to leave the program and return later in the same school year, a new registration fee must be paid when you return. 

Schedule Changes

You are able to manage your child’s calendar online through My Account. Once logged into your Y account, click My Childcare Calendar in the menu. This convenient calendar tool allows flexibility in your weekly schedule and ensures accuracy of the attendance roster.

You may add sessions, remove sessions no longer needed or switch sessions within a scheduled week. Changes to the calendar must be made online by Monday one week prior to the week of care to ensure accurate billing for the sessions you need. Adding or switching sessions after the weekly deadline will incur additional fees. You are charged your original schedule for the week, plus the additional session(s) and a $2 late change fee per session.

There will be no reduction in fees for sessions registered if your child does not attend the program for any reason. If your child will not be in the program for a registered day please contact the program site immediately.

State or county assistance

Families who are working with a state or county agency that helps cover the cost of Child Care expenses must contact their caseworker about the child’s involvement in our program. Parents using state, county or third-party payments must provide a caseworker name, phone number and case number at the time of registration. Only upon receipt of the authorization from the third party, will the child be enrolled.

For County Subsidy, a current “Authorization of Service” must be on file with the Y. Co-payments are due in full by the first of the month, unless payment arrangements are made with the Customer Service Center.

Parents will be held liable for all co-payments and fees not covered by an authorization. An expired authorization or failure to pay co-payments may result in termination of your child’s enrollment. County Claim forms must be signed and returned to the Y within one week of receipt. Failure to provide a signed claim form could result in the parent being liable for full childcare fees.  

Multi-party Billing Agreements

In cases where multiple parties are making payments to a specific childcare account, the Y is not responsible for determining which party has the financial responsibility for specific weeks/days.

The Y is limited on what we can provide for multiple-party billing. Each party must be current with payment in order for child to continue in program. 

A Multiple Party Agreement is required to be completed and signed by both parties. The only payment method offered in multiple-party payment accounts is automatic payment through a credit/debit card. Complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization to set up automatic payment.