High-energy Dance Workouts

Burn calories with high-energy dance workout. Oula classes are free for members. Join us for a fun and vigorous workout!


  • For all fitness levels
  • Free for members
  • For ages 15 and up (ages 10-14 can attend with a guardian)

Typical class

Get your sweat and smile on with easy-to-follow dance choreography set to top-40 hits. Come prepared to have fun and be inspired with this class—it’s dancemania for the soul.

Expected outcomes and benefits

  • Burns calories
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Heart fitness
  • Overall wellness

Tips and preparation

  • Come to class in functional workout clothing and ready to move your body
  • If you’re new to class, come a little early and let the instructor know this is your first class
  • This class requires you to be physically active and have freedom of movement

Equipment used in class

  • The Y provides all necessary equipment