Keeping up our endurance as we age is important, and some type of aerobic exercise or endurance activities each day is the edge you need to stay active and independent. This low-impact aerobic class is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone your muscles and increase your range of motion. It’s a drop-in class so it’s easy to fit it into your busy weekly schedule.

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  • Level: All
  • See your doctor first and get clearance for cardio exercise

A Typical Class

During class, you will repeatedly move large muscles in your arms, legs and hips. We’ll begin with 5 minutes of warm-up movements and increase to a medium intensity (one where you should be able to carry on a conversation). After 30 minutes, we’ll switch to stretching exercises to cool down.


  • Combined with a healthy diet, aerobic exercise helps you lose those extra pounds.
  • Increased stamina
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased ability to ward off viral illnesses
  • Strengthens your heart
  • Keeps your arteries clear
  • Boosts your mood
  • Allows you to stay active and independent
  • Increases longevity

Tips + Preparation

New to class? Arrive a little early so our instructor can give you some pointers.

  • Stretch prior to class: Gently stretch all major muscles. Your instructor will demonstrate proper stretching techniques.
  • Our classes are cell-phone and PDA-free environments. Please turn them off during class.

Equipment Needed

The Y provides all equipment for this class

Attire and What to Bring

  • Come to class dressed and ready to move your body
  • Loose-fitting, functional clothing made of breathable material to allow air flow
  • Proper aerobic shoes, comfortable fit
  • Water bottle