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The Effects of Sound

Sound bathing allows you to connect by being carried away.

Immerse yourself in the healing effects of a sound bath, which includes crystal singing bowls to create unique and soothing sounds.

Sound baths have been scientifically shown to improve physical and emotional wellbeing and are a great starting point for those newer to Meditation.

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More Sound Baths
What to Expect

A sound bath can be a great starting point for those newer to meditation.

  • We will begin each group experience with a short, guided meditation, breathwork practice, or both.
  • Afterward, you can relax comfortably into a lying down or seated position.
  • To support your experience, we provide mats, chairs, bolsters, and blankets.
  • For your comfort, feel free to bring an extra blanket, eye mask, pillow, crystals, notepad, and pen if you would like to do any journaling.

60-minute Session
$26 ($24 for Members)

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Acupuncture and TCM services are available at the following locations:


Making wellbeing more accessible

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