2022 May (2 Results)
  • 10 Tips for Healthier Grocery Shopping

    Did you know the typical supermarket has 38,718 items in stock? With so many choices, it's easy to fall into bad habits, and sugary eye candy. Even worse, inflation is driving food prices to historic new levels, with groceries alone costing 10.8 percent more over the past 12 months.

    It's no surprise that navigating the aisles for healthier, affordable food choices might be difficult and possibly a bit overwhelming.

    We all have a hard time resisting temptation when shopping at the grocery store, making it even more challenging to fill your basket with healthy, nutrient-rich items. Fortunately, you can achieve consistent success if you follow these essential buying tips.

    Join Tim Klein from the Y as he shares his top 10 tips for healthier, more affordable shopping within your grocer’s outer perimeter!

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  • Summer is coming, prepare with safety

    Refresh your understanding of some key water-safety tips

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